Parish Development Project

Mission Statement

To develop all the Parish property and premises as the basis for strengthening and enabling our Parish community to grow

Strategic Objectives

  • Define the scope and phases of the property development project
  • Get the project costed
  • Define the methods for raising adequate funds to meet all parish needs
  • Prepare, and obtain approval for, the business plan
  • Obtain agreement and funding from the Archdiocese for the business plan
  • Obtain permission from statutory authorities to proceed with plans
  • Communicate regularly to members of the parish for their active support
  • Seek support from the wider community and their leaders

Potential Project Scope Highlights


  • Health & Safety Requirements (mandatory)
  • Access for Disabled (mandatory)
  • Security


  • Water Damage
  • Rising Floor
  • Redecoration


  • Living Accommodation
  • Community Facilities
  • Independent Utilities

Communal Area

  • Access to and from Church
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Assess Boundary Walls